LED Bulb G12

G12 - Bulbs with G12 base are not among the most common, but are often used in more professional environments such as shops and exhibitions. They are typically quite powerful and can be connected directly to 230 volts without the need for a power supply. At LEDProff we carry a good selection of LED bulbs with G12 sockets, both in terms of effects and colour temperatures, so you're sure to find the type you need.

G12 - the big pin bulb

You probably know the small 12 Volt pin bulbs from the household with the G4 socket, which were very popular in the halogen version in the past. Here the small plug pins are relatively tight. A bulb with a G12 base is a large version of the pin bulb.

The socket designation indicates that there is an extra large distance of 12 mm between the two pins. This gives a greater electrical safety distance and these bulbs can therefore be made with direct connection to 230 Volt. This is convenient, as it saves you having to connect power supplies, which both complicates and slows down installation.

As a rule, ordinary household lamps are not designed for G12 bulbs, which are mainly used in professional environments.

Choose the right colour temperature

When choosing your LED bulb, it is important to pay attention to the colour temperature. Unlike halogen bulbs of the past, LED is available in several different colour shades. Roughly speaking, there are three categories: warm white, neutral white and cool white.

Warm white is very close to the halogen versions of the past and gives a relatively warm and golden light. It is ideal for ambient lighting.

A neutral white LED bulb is, as the name suggests, whiter and without the yellowish tinge.

Cold white can have an almost bluish tinge to it, but it's actually the closest shade to normal daylight. Cold white is good for making illuminated areas appear colourfast, and this shade has also been shown to be good for task lighting.