LED Emergency lighting

On this page, you'll find our range of LED emergency lighting to help keep safety and security at the top of the agenda in larger buildings. Emergency lighting guides people in the building in the right direction, for example when the rest of the power is off or if there is limited visibility for other reasons, including steam and smoke.

There are several options when installing LED emergency lighting in front of building emergency exits. Firstly, you can choose to mount the emergency lighting and signs directly on the wall above the exit, so that it is clear where to exit. If this is not possible, a suspended or ceiling-mounted sign is the optimal solution, providing a clear indication of the location of the emergency exit.

Emergency lighting with LED technology

The functional-LED technology is one of the most reliable, stable and durable solutions on the market. The bulbs are known for their durability, so even under shock and when exposed to moisture and dust, they work optimally. That's why LED technology is the safe choice for your emergency lighting. The emergency lighting must be installed with its own power source, so that it will work even if the electricity goes in the rest of the building.

In many buildings, it is a legal requirement that there must be a clear and illuminated marking of the nearest escape route, and you will easily be able to comply with this requirement with LED emergency lighting. At LEDproff we supply emergency lighting with pictograms, so you can choose the one that best suits both the location of the sign and the exit itself. The pictograms with arrows should be placed so that the arrow points in the direction of the emergency exit, leaving you in no doubt as to where to go.

In some places this is not a legal requirement in the building, but LED-emergency lighting is always a good idea. The lighting is useful wherever you may be unsure where the nearest escape route is. This is particularly true in places where there are many people or where it is likely to be dark.