LED Globe bulbs

Globe bulb - Most bulbs are designed to sit in a lamp behind a screen, and this requires relatively limited dimensions. The globe bulb is quite different, designed to be decorative and to be used without a shade. It is usually designed with an enlarged dome, and is available in both frosted and clear versions. At LEDProff we offer a number of different types and you can see the range below.

Globe bulbs supplied with standard base

Globe bulbs are usually always supplied with a standard E27 base, so if there is space in the lamp, you can fit it as a standard bulb. However, this would almost be a shame, as the globe bulb is designed to be displayed.

The large, attractive dome is quite decorative in itself, and many people therefore choose to mount the bulb in a ceramic socket, possibly suspended by a fabric cord, which is available in various colours. It is a nice and simple solution with a high light output, as no light is lost due to a surrounding screen.

The most common wattage for standard LED bulbs is in the range of 10-15 Watt, and this gives more light than you might think. Brightness can reach as high as 1300 lumens, which is roughly equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent or halogen bulb.

Vintage globe bulbs are extra decorative

It is also possible to get LED bulbs in a so-called vintage style. These bulbs mimic the very first incandescent bulbs on the market, where you could see the faintly glowing carbon filaments inside the bulb. Today, of course, the filaments have been replaced by LED, which are made of thin "threads".

Vintage bulbs are usually always made with clear or slightly tinted glass, as the "filaments" are meant to be admired. Vintage bulbs are available in many different designs, many of which are also decorative even when the light is not on. In most cases, the output of vintage bulbs is lower than average, as the light is otherwise too strong for the decorative strands to be seen directly.

The warm white hue dominates

Modern LEDs are available in a wide range of colour shades, and cool white shades are becoming increasingly popular and suitable for task lighting and similar applications. The purpose of the LED bulb, however, is primarily for ambient lighting, where warm white dominates. It is characterised by a more golden glow, which is also known from the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. The golden glow is reminiscent of the light you experience in nature around sunset.

Studies have shown that this type of light affects us mentally and physically, as the body perceives it as the end of the day. That's why warm white is a great colour for relaxing ambient lighting. It's even possible to get LED bulbs in extra warm white variants, which give an even softer light than usual.


Many people appreciate being able to dim their cosy lighting and turn up the cosiness. In this respect, please note that not all LED bulbs, and therefore not all globe bulbs, work with traditional dimmers. Check the product description for each bulb, or contact us if you are unsure.