2G7 LED bulb

On this page you will find our selection of 2g7 LED bulbs. The bulbs have different energy consumption, but they generally use very little energy. This means that you will see a 2g7 LED bulb with an energy consumption as low as 4 watt.

In our range of 2g7 LED bulbs you will find bulbs that have a pleasant, neutral light without distracting colour tones of either the cool blue or the warm and golden kind. The bulbs are manufactured in professional quality from the best materials on the market. Furthermore, since the bulb is made with the popular LED technology, you get more benefits with your product.

2g7 LED high quality bulb

LED technology has been the leading technology in lighting in recent years, and not without reason. The technology has made it possible to produce stable and intense light at relatively low cost. A 2g7 LED bulb has an extremely long life, which you can enjoy for years without having to worry about buying new bulbs and replacing the existing ones. LED technology is, as I said, very economical to acquire, and even better it is economical to run. In general, LED bulbs have a very low energy consumption, which benefits the environment when you use less electricity than usual to light your home or other buildings. The low wattage also benefits the wallet and will result in a lower electricity bill. 2g7 LED bulbs are easily mounted in a 2g7-base, and the bulb has a beam angle of light of 180 degrees.

In our range we carry 2g7 bulbs from the brand LEDlife, which is known for its high quality and good materials. The bulbs on our site usually shine with between 400 and 600 lumens, which indicates the intensity with which the light is emitted. With the right 2g7 LED bulb you will bring beautiful and stable light into any room.