LED Light chains

On this page, you'll find our beautiful range of practical and energy-saving LED light chains, which can be used in all contexts and occasions. If you're having a party this year, it's easy to dress up with these beautiful fairy lights that you can hang from ceilings and window frames. LED fairy lights are also the obvious choice if you need to brighten up your everyday life on the balcony, terrace, in the conservatory or at work. The clever and widespread LED technology ensures minimal electricity consumption, so you can forget about worrying about environmental impact and your wallet. The technology means that the LED light is as bright and stable as other lights, but without the high electricity consumption.

Light chains with LED

The beautiful light chains with LED provide a pleasant and soft light that is located at different points on the Kelvin scale. The Kelvin scale is used to describe how warm or cool the light is perceived by the eye. The lower a number on the scale, the warmer and more golden the light is perceived. You can change the warmth of the light by replacing the light bulbs in the light chain with warmer or cooler versions.

The heat of the light is just one of many parameters you can consider when choosing light chains with LED. If you want to decorate your garden or other outdoor space with LED light chains, it is important to choose a light chain that can withstand the changeable Danish weather. Some of the chains on this site can withstand water splashes and humid air, but cannot withstand direct rain. This makes them ideal for the conservatory or covered terrace, so you can enjoy the outdoors with a beautiful and atmospheric lantern. length Several of our light chains can also be joined together to give you LED light chains up to 30 metres long.