Halo Design

Here you will find a large selection of Danish lamp design from the popular brand Halo Design. With a focus on functionality, innovative technology and Scandinavian aesthetics, Halo Design develops new collections every year. At LEDproff we strive to offer a great selection that has something to fit into any home - whether you are looking for practical lighting, beautiful design or both. That's exactly what you'll find at Halo Design. Take a look at the range of lamps from Halo below.

Danish design lamps for your home

Halo Design consists of a wide range of collections - including Halo Design Colors , DC, Atom, Oslo and ÅRHUS series. Each collection has been developed with a focus on meeting everyday needs, while also offering a design that fits into any style-conscious home.
Functionality is expressed, among other things, in the small adjustment possibilities that ensure that the light can be turned and adjusted to suit the individual room. Halo Design can therefore be used in all rooms, from the kitchen and office, where good working light is needed, to the cosy corner of the living room, where the atmosphere is the focus.
According to Halo Design, light should be practical, integratable, pleasant and beautiful to look at - and therefore nothing is left to chance. Lamp designs from Halo typically come in a combination of oak, metal, glass and with fabric cords, which help to emphasise the Scandinavian look. The colours are typically neutral and muted, meaning the lamps are easy to incorporate into your home decor.
Remember that the lamps do not come with bulbs, so you will need to buy them separately. Find the range of LED bulbs here.

Buy Halo Design at LEDproff

Have you found the lamp that fits perfectly into your home? At LEDproff we aim to equip your home with the best lamp solutions and lighting both inside and out. Halo Design is one of the many brands we carry that caters to a modern home's need for both functionality and good style.