Surface mounted spotlights

Surface mounted spotlights

Here at we distinguish between surface-mounted and recessed spotlights. Here on this page you can find spots of the former type, which means that they are intended to be placed outside something else. This means that they do not have to be built into the ceiling, wall or other surface.

When you choose surface-mounted spotlights, you get efficient lighting, for example running on 230v or 12v. We sell spotlights in several different colours. Spots in white are particularly popular as it is an understated colour that goes really well with classic white ceilings and walls.

Should you choose add-on spotlights with LED?

If you have many spots, it can affect the electricity bill in the negative direction. For each bulb/light source in your spots, multiply by the number of watt it uses. That's why you can save a lot of money by choosing LED light sources over other types.

Surface-mounted spotlights for outdoor use

If you would like to have surface-mounted spotlights installed outdoors, that is also an option. Here in our range we have a selection of various spots for outdoor use. These are particularly hard-wearing and designed to withstand both wind and weather. In this way, you are guaranteed outdoor surface-mounted spotlights that will last for many years to come and whose quality you can rely on.

Advantages of having surface mounted spotlights

Whether you install and connect the lights yourself or have an electrician do it, there are several advantages to choosing surface-mounted spotlights. A spot designed to be mounted outside something else is typically very small and unobtrusive, and a clear advantage is that no holes need to be made in the surface to create spots. This makes it easier for you to replace the spotlight later, as there is no need to rework the surface to fit in the new spotlights, which probably have a different dimensions.

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