Lamps for kitchen

Lamps for kitchen

Do you like spending hours in the kitchen preparing great meals? Then you probably already know how important good, proper lighting is. Because when you're chopping, slicing, boiling, frying and baking, it's essential to be able to see what you're doing.

That's where kitchen lamps come in. We stock a wide range of lamps for the kitchen, so you're likely to find one that appeals to your taste and budget.

What should you look for when buying kitchen lamps?

It's tempting to look only at the design and colour of the lamp, but there are also a number of practical considerations to take into account. If the lamp is going to sit close to the hob, it will be exposed to mados and steam, which can quickly cause the lamp and light source to become greasy. So it's worth considering whether the lamp is easy to clean and whether the light source can withstand getting mados.

Other things to consider are where the lamp will sit, how many there will be, and what type is most obvious. It would be a shame to fall in love with a pendant, for example, if it turns out that the lamp is hanging in the way where you need to work in the kitchen.

Good reasons to have enough light in the kitchen

It is said that most accidents happen in the home, and a proportion of these in the kitchen. This is where sharp objects are used, so the kitchen is not only a place where people can fall and get hurt, but also where they can cut or stab themselves.

To reduce the risk of accidents, it is important not only that you and others in the kitchen are careful and aware of who else is out there, but also that there is enough light in the right places. For example, it can be problematic if you have lights in the ceiling that obscure what you are doing when you are standing and working.

Special requirements for kitchen lights

In addition to the practical considerations when choosing a new lamp for the kitchen, there may also be formal requirements and regulations that apply. If your kitchen is a wet room, it's a good idea to choose lamps and light sources that are suitable for the purpose.