Wall lamps for the living room

Wall lamps for the living room

A living room is hardly complete until it has beautiful and practical lighting. We sell a wide range of lamps, including wall lamps. On this page, we have collected wall lamps that are particularly suitable for installation in the living room.

You can click on each lamp to see more information, and on each product page you will also be able to see what type of socket it has so you know what type of bulb to get. Take a look around our webshop and you're sure to find a wall lamp that will fit perfectly in your living room.

A large selection of living room wall lamps

We do our best to not only have a large selection, but also to have a wide selection as well as lamps in several different price ranges. Therefore, you are sure to find a lamp that will suit your living room. Whether your style is classic, modern, romantic or something else entirely, we hope you'll find a lamp in our range that appeals to you.

All the lamps on this site have one thing in common: they are wall-mounted, but they are also very different. You'll find lamps in black, white and grey, as well as bright colours, and you'll also find lamps with and without plugs.

Wall lamps with plugs are ready to be plugged into the socket - they just need to be fitted, whereas wall lamps without plugs need to have one fitted or need to be plugged into a socket.

Advantages of having wall lamps in the living room

A ceiling lamp is often good for providing room lighting that shines well all over, but often this type of light is softer and more diffused, whereas lamps from spotlights and wall lights are more focused. For example, if you place a wall lamp over each end of the sofa, you can easily sit and read without having to sit at the dining table or in an armchair where there is a floor lamp with a reading lamp.

A wall lamp allows you to have light in one place, so you can, for example, turn off the light above the coffee table, which will often cause glare on the TV screen.

If you're looking for more than just wall lamps, feel free to browse our range, which is full of them. This includes floor lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps - and much, much more.