Lamps for the living room

Lamps for the living room

A living room can be raw, cosy, romantic or luxurious. There are many different styles when it comes to interior design, and the same goes for lamps. When choosing lamps for your living room, you can go for a style that fits in, but you can also choose something neutral so that the lamp won't stand out if you keep changing the interior.

On this page, we have collected a lot of different types of lamps, but what they all have in common is that they are suitable for placement/mounting in the living room. Our range includes ceiling lamps, hanging lamps for the living room (pendants), table lamps and floor lamps. Whether you want ceiling lights, wall lights or lights on the table or floor is entirely up to you.

What type of lamp should you choose for your living room?

When considering which lamp you'd like in your living room, you can look at where it should be placed. For example, a smaller living room is easily lit by a ceiling lamp, which provides good ambient lighting, but you can also choose to place several light sources around the living room, which provide a softer light. You can then switch individual lamps on and off as needed.

A large living room can seem cold and dark if there is only one lamp in the ceiling. By using additional lamps around the room, you can divide the space into zones. You can choose to have a wall lamp or a floor lamp by the armchairs and a pendant above the corner table. It can also be a good idea to have a larger pendant hanging from the ceiling, which provides a good light over the coffee table.

Choose your living room lighting according to the type of base it has

Whether you have many or few lamps in your home, it can be beneficial to choose some that have the same type of base as the lamps you already have. This makes it easy to keep a stock of bulbs that can fit in several different lamps, rather than just one particular lamp.

All LED bulbs that we sell are energy efficient as they are rated A+ or higher.

However, be aware that the energy rating has been redesigned, so for bulbs labelled according to the new scale, an energy rating of A would be very good, and energy rating D is in the middle of the new scale.