Many rooms in the home have areas where it's obvious to move the light around a bit and adjust the angle. Choosing track spotlights will allow you to do just that, as individual lamps will be able to be moved back and forth on the track, and many lamps on this type of track can be tilted and possibly rotated, so you can get the light exactly where you need it.

If you buy track spotlights from our range, you can count on getting a great-looking and practical solution that is future-proof. Many spots have a timeless design and can fit into many different interior designs.

Our selection of spotlights on rails

Track spots are available in many different sizes, lengths, colours and types and with different bases. However, you can always count on the track spots we sell having standard bases, which means you don't have to hunt the nooks and crannies of the internet to find a light source that fits your new (or old) lamp.

In our range you will find for example track spots on 230v, spots with GU10-socket as well as 3-phase track spots.

Why choose track spotlights with LED?

An ordinary lamp often has only one socket, which means that it also only needs one light source. But for track spots, where there are usually at least 2 lamps and therefore 2 light sources, you need to multiply the power consumption by the number of light sources the lamp has.

Therefore, especially track lights with 3 and more light sources are an obvious choice as LED. By choosing lamps that can use LED light sources, you can cut your power consumption significantly. The more lamps you have where you can replace an incandescent bulb or other energy-consuming light sources with energy-efficient alternatives, the more you will be able to save.

Today, LED bulbs have become so efficient (powerful) that they can compete with the old-fashioned bulbs. To see how much light a light source gives, look at the number of lumens. However, to find out the colour of the light (cold or warm white, for example), look at the kelvin.

Popular Nordlux spotlights

In our webshop you can find a large selection of different brands. Among others, you can find the ultra-popular track spots from the popular and high-quality brand Nordlux.

Please keep an eye on our range, as we can often present new products in lamps and light sources as new products come onto the market and others are discontinued.