LED bulb E14

LED Light bulbs E14, and LED post in general are the most energy efficient sources of light you can get in the world. However, that's not the only reason why both homes and businesses choose the incredibly beneficial option that LED Bulb is. In fact, many are replacing their regular and very traditional light sources with LED, probably the most well-known advantage of LED bulbs is that you can easily save as much as 95% on your already high electricity bill.

Another great advantage of LED bulbs is that they have a very long lifetime, also called lifetime, an example could be that by having a LED bulb on for about 3 hours a day, it should last for about 44 years, where an ordinary halogen bulb should be replaced after 1 - 2 years depending on wattage. Thus, LED light sources are a really good investment, but not only a short term investment also an incredibly long term investment especially for your wallet, but at the same time you also become more environmentally conscious consumer.

E14 LED bulbs at LED Proff

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E14 base

A E14 base is what many refer to as a E14 socket. A E14 base is typically suitable for smaller lamps. This can be lamps with very bright light and small office lamps. A E14 bulb is typically between 4 cm to 6 cm in diameter. You can see a picture of a E14 base here:

e14 fatning

Above you will find here on this page, a large selection of LED Bulbs with E14 sockets in all price ranges. You decide how many and how much you want to save.

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