LED bulb GU10

GU10 sockets are available in both ceramic and plastic. GU10 are also adapted so that they are available in both 230v and 12 volt, which allows them to be used in all kinds of constallations, often in downlight and spot form. GU10 led bulbs are also made so that the spread of light is well distributed often in the form of a 38 to 45 degree angle, which allows the light from a GU10 to be adapted to illuminate a particular area.

GU 10 LED Bulbs with LED Proff

Here with us, you can easily find the bulb you are looking for, we sell most of all sockets including GU10, G9 G4, MR16, etc. All our bulbs, pins, are of very good quality we test them on our own test equipment and spend many hours selecting just the right bulb both when it comes to light quality also known as CRI value, but also their lifetime, and kelvin are very important to us, one of the characteristics that LED has had in the past is that many people think the light has been bluish, This is often due to buying some LED products that are too cheap, which can give a very poor light because the chip in the LED bulb itself is actually too cheap, which also helps to keep the price down, but as with so many other things, price in the LED world also equates to quality, this should always be remembered.

GU10 LED saves you a lot of money

GU10 LED bulbs offer a significantly better economy compared to the halogen bulb it most often replaces. First of all, because it uses significantly less power than the halogen bulb. In fact, you need to divide the wattage of your halogen bulb by 7 to find the equivalent LED bulb that gives the same luminous flux (lm).
This means that you save around 80 to 90% on your electricity consumption as soon as you switch on GU10 LED the bulb for the first time. You'll see this on your electricity bill from day one.
Secondly, the GU10 LED bulb lasts significantly longer than its halogen counterpart. Independent tests have shown that LED bulbs can last up to 25,000 hours - 25,000 hours with the bulb switched on, that is. Yes, we do have some GU10 LED bulbs with a lifespan of twice that, but let's just stick to the 25,000 hours!
That means that with normal daily use for an average of 4 hours every day, you can expect the bulb to last for up to 17 years! That means that the GU10 LED bulb you put in your lamp today might end up outliving the lamp itself, because you'll get tired of it before the bulb breaks.
It also means that you save a lot of bulb changes. Because halogen bulbs rarely last more than one to two years. So all in all, a GU10 LED bulb will save you a lot of money over its lifetime. That makes the slightly higher purchase price a trifle in the calculation.

GU10 spot is a concentrated light source

GU10 bulbs are structured like spots. This means that there is a reflector around the light source in the bulb, which allows the light to be concentrated so that it illuminates only a defined area. How concentrated the light source is depends on the spread of the light. The lower the value in degrees, the more focused the light from the bulb.
Virtually all the GU10 spots we sell have a light spread of less than 60 degrees. In fact, you can easily see how much the spotlight spreads the light by looking at how far up the bulb-housing the light source is located and how big the reflector is around the LED light source in the bulb. The higher up LED the light source is placed, the greater the light spread.
Another important parameter of the light is the colour and colour shade. For light to have the right effect on us, it should ideally have a colour temperature of around 3000 Kelvin. This is what most people would call the right colour for artificial light. If the Kelvin temperature is lower than that, the colour is perceived as more reddish, and if it is higher, the light is perceived as brighter and initially more white, then turning bluish. Higher Kelvin temperatures are perceived as more clinical and sharp, while lower ones seem cosier and calmer.

GU10 base

GU10 The base has become widely used in ceiling and floor lamps over the past 5 years. It is popular because it is easy and quick to change. Just twist the bulb once to the side and it's out - then put the new bulb in the socket and twist it on. Done!
GU10 is primarily available as a spot bulb in various designs. Since the LED light sources take up significantly less space in the bulb than the halogen light source, it has become possible to plug some electronics into the GU10 LED bulb. This means you can get GU10 LED bulbs that can be controlled remotely, so you have the option, for example, to change the colour of the bulb - not just the hue, but pretty much any colour of the rainbow.
You can also get GU10 LED bulbs that have built-in light shows and can switch between colours in different patterns with different transition effects and speeds.
So not only are you getting a cheaper light source for your GU10 base by switching to the LED version. You also get a much more intelligent bulb with features that would make the creators of the old incandescent bulb roll their eyes if we brought them back to life today. Try one of the intelligent GU10 LED bulbs for yourself and see the difference.

LED spot GU10

LED spotlights with GU10 sockets have another advantage over halogen spotlights. They don't get nearly as hot. That means you won't get burned if you accidentally graze the bulb or try to change the bulb as soon as it's out. Yeah, ok - you'll have to wait a long time for that last one.
But otherwise, a LED spot with GU10 socket has the exact same characteristics as the old halogen version. The highly concentrated light can be focused on exactly the element or area you want to illuminate and can therefore be used for very effective lighting at home, in shops, in offices and on production premises.
For example, if you have For example, if you have a beautiful porcelain figurine or other object in your living room that you want to highlight, a LED spotlight with a GU10 base can be the ideal solution - and precisely because the LED version of GU10 doesn't get nearly as hot as the halogen version, it's much easier to hide the light source away without worrying about it setting something on fire.
In this way, a LED spotlight with a GU10 base can create an almost magical lighting effect that gives extra impact and focus to what you want to highlight. It can also be clever in a display window, for example, where you can turn on a LED sport in turn and illuminate various exhibits in the window. This draws extra attention from passers-by and ensures that they actually see what you want them to see.

A little practicality

The above LED GU10 bulb, is the range we stock, if you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact us on either email salg@ledproff.dk or our phone number which you will find on the far right of this page.

We sell a lot of GU10 bulbs, and therefore we also have an extended warranty, called 100% satisfaction guarantee which applies to all our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

You should pay particular attention to whether the LED bulb GU10, is dimmable or non dimmer, this is of course because if you buy a non dimmable bulb then it can cause problems if you have a dimmer on the light installation that you want it to work with. We write loud and clear on all our LED bulbs, lamps, fluorescent tubes, etc. whether they are dimmable or not.

A characteristic of the large GU10 LED spot, is that these bulbs are close to being as large as the old familiar sockets E27, and they have thicker legs, which are also much more robust than halogen pins. You can see the different sockets here http://www.ledproff.dk/kend-din-sokkel/