LED bulb GU5.3 / MR16

On this page you will find our great selection of LED-GU5.3 bulbs and MR16 LED -bulbs for smart and elegant spotlights that provide functional lighting. Choose from a variety of spotlights that either shine beautifully and warmly or have a more powerful, concentrated and cool light.

The smart LED-GU5.3 bulb is both stylish and practical, for example when you need to install spotlights in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. They provide a powerful and pleasant light that makes it easy to navigate the laundry room, kitchen cupboard or if you need to put on make-up in front of the mirror.

MR16 LED bulb

A MR16 LED bulb is an attractive spotlight bulb that impresses in both appearance and performance. With a light intensity of 100 lumens and a beam angle of 45 degrees you will get a nice and intense light right where you need it. At LEDproff we have included many different models of the great looking MR16 LED bulb. For example, we've given you the option of an elegant three-way spotlight that emits a highly sophisticated light, particularly suitable for the elegant bathroom or to give the kitchen a little extra light. Your new LED-GU5.3 bulb or MR16 LED bulb is guaranteed to bring joy when installed in your home or office. The beautiful spotlights are also extremely suitable in store, where they can really draw attention to the products and displays you choose to have both inside the store and in your window displays.

Beautiful spotlights will add to the ambience and give the feeling of space, light and warmth if placed correctly. You can choose spots with more golden and orange tones for a warmer and often cosier light, or you can choose spots with more bluish tones that provide a cooler light that often feels sharper.