LED bulb G9

LED G9 is one of the most used bulbs the reason for this is that G9 LED are small and at the same time their socket shape is incredibly flexible it gives ample opportunity to use G9 LED bulb in many different lamps especially small lamps where the space for the bulb itself is already not very large fits well in.

G9 LED characteristics of the bulb

G9 LED The bulb is known for its very distinctive shape and colour, so it's no wonder that many people use them for lighting in the living room, kitchen and even in rooms. At LEDProff.dk we do not compromise on either price or quality, and you will find only good and strong G9 LED products on this page.

A G9 light bulb a stroke of genius

Whether that's why it's called a G9 light bulb, we doubt. But in any case, whoever invented it was a bit of a genius. Because this very compact light source provides a lot of light for its small size. Its small size makes it easy to find space for and it can be easily hidden away, providing almost magical illumination of a defined area of the home.
It is therefore most often seen used in downlights and recessed spotlights in ceilings, as stair lighting and edge lighting on stairs, in shops and other places where it is clever to hide the light source away without losing the light from it.
The G9 bulb was originally a halogen bulb, but compared to the energy-hungry little bugger, you can quickly save up to 90% of your electricity consumption by replacing it with the energy-saving and much greener option: the LED bulb. This has earned the LED version of G9 an A+ energy efficiency class rating and, as it also has a significantly longer life than the halogen version, there really is money to be saved - even if the LED version costs a little more.
So switch to the LED version and you can look forward to significantly better savings. Both on your electricity bill and your wattage of G9 bulbs.

G9 base

G9 The bulb has a socket with two "bent pins" on each side. This means that you don't poke at it in the same way as you can with G4, GU4 and GU5.3, which all have two needle-shaped pins as a socket.
The bulb snaps into the G9 socket, ensuring that the bulb sits firmly and securely. Since we are talking 220 V, the narrow base also ensures that small children's fingers cannot get into the socket and get shocked. This makes this bulb quite suitable for lamps in children's rooms.
You can easily get more table and ceiling lamps with G9 base , which are suitable for both children's rooms and other rooms in the home. By choosing the G9 socket, the manufacturer saves a transformer, as G9, unlike G4, runs on 220 V instead of 12 V. It also makes it extra easy to replace a light bulb with E14 or E27 base with a new one with G9 base . Just change the socket. There is no need to install a transformer or make any other changes to the home's electrical wiring.
The halogen version of the G9 bulb does have one major drawback. It gets extremely hot and therefore less child-friendly. But if you replace the halogen bulb with a LED version, you won't have to worry about kids burning themselves on it. Because unlike the halogen version, the LED version doesn't get nearly as hot.

G9 LED the bulb is an even bigger stroke of genius

Compared to the halogen version of the G9 bulb, the G9 LED bulb is therefore an even bigger stroke of genius. Because in addition to having the same properties as the halogen version and being cheaper to run, lasting longer and hardly getting hot during operation, the LED version does not contain the same dangerous heavy metals as the halogen version.
It is also more lightfast and has the same light intensity and colour tone all the time. Here the halogen bulb may fluctuate slightly, appearing more yellowish and dimmer at times. Especially when it has just been switched on.
Colour-wise, most of the G9 LED bulbs we sell glow with a warm white hue at around 3,000 Kelvin. This is the shade that most people call the true "light bulb colour". There are no yellowish overtones in the light and the colour shade remains the same throughout the long, long life of the bulb.
To find the right replacement size for your existing halogen bulb, divide watt the wattage of the halogen bulb by 7 and round to the nearest integer to find the equivalent G9 LED bulb that gives the same amount of light. As I said, this corresponds to an energy saving of around 80-90%.