LED Fluorescent tubes

Cheap LED Fluorescent lamps from LEDproff.dk One of the big Watt slugers in the Danish business world is definitely Fluorescent lamps, therefore we also encourage all companies / individuals we come into contact with to replace their current "old" fluorescent lamps with our LED Fluorescent lamps, you not only save a lot of money on the electricity bill. You also get a product that typically lasts up to 8, 9 times longer than the current fluorescent tubes.

LED Fluorescent tubes

Compared to traditional fluorescent lamps, you get much longer life, more constant light and - as already mentioned - a significantly better energy budget by switching to LED fluorescent lamps. We carry a large selection of LED fluorescent lamps for the most commonly used fixtures - both for home and business. So the next time you need to change a fluorescent lamp, you'll find the replacement here.

Advantages of LED fluorescent lamps

The most noticeable difference when replacing your old fluorescent tube with a new LED fluorescent tube is the light. It shines constantly and with exactly the same intensity all the time. No flickering, either when you turn it on or when it is on.
The light also does not change colour over time, as it often does with fluorescent lamps when they are on their last legs. Like the old-fashioned fluorescent bulbs, you can also get LED fluorescent bulbs in several shades - either two different kinds of white or daylight.

LED fluorescent lamps have a longer life

LED fluorescent lamps last 7-8 times longer than an ordinary fluorescent lamp - in fact some models last up to 10 times longer. At the same time, if your fluorescent tube is about to break, it won't be blinking all the time. It either lights up or it doesn't. That's how it is with LED fluorescent lamps!

Save up to 80% on electricity consumption with LED fluorescent lamps

By replacing a conventional fluorescent tube with a LED fluorescent tube, you'll cut your electricity consumption in half. This can quickly add up to a lot of money in office landscapes or manufacturing environments, for example, where there are typically many fluorescent fixtures. According to the Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate Change, you can save up to 80% of electricity consumption. See the report here.

How to find the right LED fluorescent lamp

To find the right LED fluorescent tube, you need to know which socket is on the existing one and the length of the fluorescent tube.
Start by clicking on the right socket to see what lengths we have LED fluorescent tubes for that socket. Then choose the colour shade that suits and order.

Do I need to change the installation?

If you have a fluorescent light with old-fashioned glow lamps, it may need to be changed. But if you have a newer fitting, you can simply replace the old fluorescent tube with a LED fluorescent tube.

On this page you will find T8 fluorescent tubes us known as G13 Base , these LED fluorescent tubes are available in lengths from 45 cm, and up to 180 cm. The models we have range from 700/800 lumens and all the way up to 4000 lumens for one tube, but with only half the wattage of an ordinary fluorescent tube, so there really is a lot of money to be saved. If you want to get a quote from us at LED fluorescent tubes then send us an email, or give us a call on 71 99 48 42.

The Safety Authority has a number of official recommendations and advice regarding changing LED tubes rather than the old fashioned fluorescent tubes. You can read more about them here on the Safety Board's website.