LED Growth lamps

Here you will find our large selection of LED grow lights, as well as our grow light equipment. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, you'll find what you need among our grow lights, all of the highest quality. The lamps can be used in greenhouses as well as in smaller areas. At LEDproff we also stock LightGrow luminaires, which are fitted lengthways and can be extended with a cable, so you can have a long range of composite luminaires. Functionality comes first when it comes to LED grow lights, but we've made sure to find the lights that are both beautiful and functional.

LED grow light for your plants

The technology behind grow lights and grow lamps can be complicated. Some light colours are particularly stimulating during the plant's germination, others during its flowering and still others work best when the plant is in its maturation phase. At LEDproff we offer many different types of LED grow lights, so you can easily find just the one you need for your plants. For example, find a LED grow light in purple that is both beautiful in its own right and contributes to healthy plant growth. You can also get your hands on the beautiful blue grow lamp, which promotes growth just after the plant has started to sprout.

If you need LED grow lights for commercial use, either grow tubes or luminaires can be a good solution, where the light source takes up minimal space but still gives off the necessary light to give the plants the most favourable growing conditions possible.

Once you've found the LED grow light you need, you can find all kinds of accessories with us. We carry transformers and power supplies, among other things, to make sure the power supply to your grow lights is kept in check. Our power supplies are all resistant to damp weather and water splashes. On this page, you'll also find smart socket cables that make handling your LED grow lights much easier.