LED Under Ground Fitting

Underground spots - In the past, underground spots were mostly used for professional purposes. But in recent years they have also become extremely popular for private use. This popularity is due in no small part to LED technology, which ensures extremely long light source life, minimising the need to service/change bulbs. Recessed spotlights offer completely new possibilities for achieving stunning lighting effects, for example when illuminating masonry, sculptures or other effects. See the range below, and read more about underground spotlights at the bottom of the page.

What is a burial spot?

As the name more than suggests, it is a spotlight that is to be placed at ground level, either placed in the ground or built into the patio paving or similar. This type of spotlight is therefore naturally fitted with extra sturdy glass that can easily withstand being walked on, for example. A recessed spotlight is also inherently watertight.

All the underground spotlights you will find in the selection above are designed for use with LED light sources. Most types simply come with an integrated LED light source, while others allow you to fit standard LED bulbs with, for example, GU10 bases. In some cases it is possible to fit a traditional light source such as halogen, but such a bulb needs to be changed relatively often and this is a bit of a hassle with a recessed spot. Nowadays, virtually everyone chooses LED light sources, as they usually last for decades.

Pay attention to the angle of spread

There is a big difference in the light spread with the different models of recessed spotlights, so it is important to choose according to the given purpose. If the intention is to 'spotlight' a specific feature, such as a sculpture, sign or similar, then recessed spotlights with a narrow beam angle are preferable. Conversely, a wide beam angle will provide better general illumination, and is also more suitable for lighting larger areas. If you need to illuminate a larger but limited area, a solution could also be a combination of several narrow beam spots that complement each other in illuminating the desired area.

Also consider the colour temperature of the light

You can get recessed spotlights in both warm and cool shades, and the choice is not a matter of choice. If the aim is to create a cosy atmosphere in the garden, the warm shades will usually be the best choice. For illuminating signs and facades, on the other hand, the cooler shades are the preferred ones as they provide better colour rendition and create more attention.