LED Strips

LED strips, is the new light in the modern home. With a LED strip, you can put lighting in places you never dreamed of, without having to put up a series of barely neat lamps that just sit there and take up space. LED Strips, can also be bought in RGB, so you can change color on them, and thereby they are also particularly suitable for installation in bars, discos, or other places where you want a cozy but different LED beslysning.

LED strips

LED strips you can fit anywhere. As long as there is room in the width, there is room to put up a LED strip. For example, on the inside of the edge of kitchen wall units, on the edge of the ceiling or floor, on the underside of steps or wherever light is needed.
They can also be installed on curved or other irregular surfaces - where it would otherwise not be possible to install a light source.

Effective lighting

LED strips are available in a wide range of colours and shades. They can even be made to change colour, and it is possible to buy RGB controllers with built-in colour gradients, colour transitions and lighting effects in the form of running lights with different speeds.
This makes it possible to change the colour of the light according to the mood desired in the room, or to create effective lighting at parties or to draw attention to a particular area of the room.

Use LED rails to protect your LED strips

LED strips can be stuck on directly or in the special LED rails that we also sell. The advantage of choosing a rail is that the LED strip is better protected and it is possible, for example, to hang it or pass it over openings. This makes the LED strip an obvious replacement for fluorescent tubes and allows it to be mounted in places where the LED strip mounted alone would be prone to damage.

Waterproof LED strips

If there is no space for a LED rail, it is also possible to purchase waterproof LED strips. This allows them to be installed in wet rooms or outdoors under e.g. the roof eaves. However, we do not recommend installing them in places where they are in direct contact with water all the time.

LED Strips - How to

Strips in LED are available in up to several hundred metres, it is 100% up to you how you want to set up, install and how far your led lighting should extend. You can use LED strips poolside, indoors for cosy lighting or run them coloured for parties or at Christmas time outside for the really big gold medal. The only limit is your imagination, so it's entirely up to you.
At LED Proff you are always assured of really high quality products, and this naturally also applies to LED strips from LED Proff.