LED Projector

LED spotlight - On this page you will find a large selection of quality LED spotlights with long life and good, powerful light that can illuminate larger areas. Among our range are LED floodlights, which are designed and built to withstand the Danish weather.
A LED floodlight can be used for a variety of purposes; for example, a floodlight makes the perfect work lamp, it is suitable for illuminating facades and large indoor or outdoor areas as well as for lighting on vehicles. Browse our wide range and find the perfect LED floodlight for your project, home or business.

The advantage of a LED floodlight

There are a number of advantages to choosing a LED floodlight over a traditional halogen floodlight. First of all, a LED bulb has a very long lifetime. On this site you will find LED spotlights that can last up to 50,000 hours.
The long life saves you a lot of bulb changes and therefore a lot of money. In addition to saving money on bulb replacement, you also save money on your electricity bill, as LED bulbs are very energy efficient with their low energy consumption. The long lifetime and low energy consumption make the LED bulb by far the cheapest type of bulb on the market in the long run.

Sensor floodlight

Floodlights are perfect for the workplace, but you can also easily use a LED floodlight at home. For example, as a light in the garage or in the yard, and here it can be an advantage to invest in floodlights with sensors.
A floodlight with motion sensor is a smart investment for areas where light is only needed briefly or infrequently, such as in a driveway, where the light only needs to be on briefly once in a while when guests are coming or going or you are in the driveway yourself.
If you use a LED floodlight with sensor, it may be a good idea to install LED strips to illuminate, for example, the edge of the driveway when the floodlight is not on

Colour floodlights (RGB)

Among our range of floodlights you will also find LED colour floodlights - also called RGB floodlights. All our colour projectors can switch between as many as 16 different colours and are easily controlled with the remote control provided.
With the remote control you can quickly switch between the different colours, turn the projector on and off and you can also use it to set the projector to switch between the different colours itself.
Colour projectors are perfect for illuminating facades, especially if you want to add a little extra to the lighting with different colours that can drastically change the look of the given building. A coloured floodlight can even be used for festive occasions, where the floodlight can be set to light up a wall with different colours. The light from the spotlights can also be dimmed using the remote control, so it is also possible to create a cosy or even eerie lighting effect.

LED Projectors have become incredibly popular among the general consumer, but also the business community has embraced the new LED Projectors because the benefits are huge for example a factory that wants to light up its facade can very advantageously switch from the old traditional incandescent projectors to the new and improved LED Projectors not only can they save money, on their electricity bills but also a lot of money on installations as several of our LED Projectors come in approved showcases, which ensure that they are both waterproof and frost-proof. Also they start instantly on the addition of power you don't have to wait for the light to come on like you have to with traditional Halogen lighting. We have both 230v and 12v, as well as dimmable led floodlights