LED Panels

LED panels - Here at LEDproff you will find a large selection of LED panels, which can be used both privately and for business. Among our selection you can find both LED panels for large and small lighting tasks.
A clear advantage of LED panels compared to other types of lighting is that you get a nice light that turns on immediately and is spread evenly around the room, similar to the light from a skylight. LED The panels are even perfect for rooms with low ceilings, as they are very flat and can be mounted directly on or in the ceiling. Browse our range of LED panels and find the perfect panel for your home or workplace.

Find the right LED panel

There are a number of things you can consider before buying your LED panels. One of the first things you should do is check what dimensions your LED panel will be. That is, how much they should measure in length, width and, not least, height.
Next, it's a good idea to consider how much light the rooms in question need. Here you should look at the LED panels' lumen figures, which indicate how much the panels light up. The higher the lumen rating of a panel, the brighter it will be.
Another good thing to consider is how often and how much light will be used to determine how long a life you need in your LED panels.


You may want to consider whether you want a LED panel that can be dimmed. Dimmable light can be particularly beneficial in the home, as dimmed light can be an advantage in the late evening hours when bright light can be downright annoying or when cosiness needs to descend on the living room or wherever LED the panels are sitting.
Dimmable light can also be beneficial in workplaces, as light that is adapted to the given work situation can not only promote employee health and well-being, but also help increase productivity in the workplace. Most of the LED panels are not dimmable, but we have clearly written this in the product descriptions of those that are.

Colour temperature

Colour temperature is something that tells you whether a light is hot or cold, and it is expressed in the unit Kelvin (K) on a scale of 0 - 10,000. The lower the number, the warmer the light and vice versa - the higher the number, the colder the light. The cool white LED panels are particularly suitable for shops and shop windows, as a cool white light is best for displaying products. The warm white LED panels are best suited for homes and offices, as the warm light creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, contributing to a better well-being of employees or family members.
You can also consider using LED strips instead of LED panels.