Vintage Bulb

Vintage light bulb - Most people think of light as a way to get their bearings, but light is much more than that. In recent years, interior designers, for example, have been increasingly concerned with the possibilities of creating moods and experiences with light. A good example is the vintage light bulb, also known as the "retro bulb". It imitates the atmosphere of the old original carbon filament bulbs. See the many beautiful and decorative vintage bulbs below, and read more about the vintage bulb at the bottom of the page.

The retro bulb - back to basics
Edison's first bulbs were designed with tiny carbon filaments that had very limited durability and emitted only a tiny amount of light. On the other hand, they were both beautiful and pleasant to look at, and that is precisely part of the purpose of the LED retro bulb, which serves not only to illuminate but also to decorate. In the modern vintage bulb, however, the carbon filaments have been replaced by thin LED"strands". The decorative effect is retained, but the bulb's life is almost infinite and the power consumption is so low that it is of no practical significance.

A vintage bulb must be displayed
Vintage bulbs are usually fitted with a normal "large base" (E27), and can therefore in principle be fitted in a normal lamp with a shade. It would be a shame, though, because you'd miss out on the decorative effect. Most people therefore choose to hang the bulb freely instead. In the product range above, you will find a number of ready-made sets with base and decorative fabric cord, which best accentuate the beautiful bulb.
For extra elegance, consider the globe bulbs with large glass dome. For maximum cosiness, vintage bulbs are usually always in a warm white colour, but they are also available in extra warm white, which provides even softer and atmospheric lighting that is as close as possible to the good old days.