LED light bulb coloured

Are you looking for a dimmer switch? If so, check out our great selection of good and smart LED dimmers. Dimmers are a great way for you to control your light to create atmosphere and cosiness, and you decide how much light you need.

A LED dimmer is a particularly practical measure in rooms that are used for many different things. Imagine a room for teaching of various kinds. A LED dimmer switch would be ideal here, so you can turn down the lights when watching films and end yoga classes with a nice dimmed light.

LED bulbs coloured

Here at LEDproff, we've gone to great lengths to find a selection of beautiful LED coloured bulbs that can really shine and will provide nice, bright coloured light throughout the room. In our range we have included many different LED bulbs that are colourful and you can find several variants. The classic bulb is available in a beautiful clear blue, a fresh green, an intense red, a warm yellow and a warm white. The bulb fits a B22-base, which is a common and available type base. The bulbs have a beam angle of 180 degrees and have a light intensity of 180 lumens.

The other type of coloured LED bulbs, which is part of our range at LEDproff, is the beautiful Cabochon Combo - a classic bulb which is super elegant in its design and very robustly made. Cabochon covers are placed on the outside of a LED bulb with neutral light, creating the beautiful play of colours from the cover. Here you can choose between a lovely deep blue, a classic white, a nice orange, wild pink, elegant purple, red or yellow. All are waterproof, so you can easily take them outside and create a colourful atmosphere.