Halogen bulb

Halogen bulb - On this page you will find the different types of halogen bulbs we sell here at LEDproff.dk. As you can see below, we carry virtually all socket types, including special sockets like AR111 and various compact and halogen tubes. So pretty much whatever halogen bulbs you use, you'll find them with us.
We've gone to great lengths to select the best halogen bulbs for you. So we test all products in-house and use them ourselves around the company. This gives us a good first-hand impression of each bulb and enables us to help you choose the right type of lighting in the best possible way.

A little about halogen spotlights and halogen bulbs in general

Halogen bulbs use a different type of air than ordinary incandescent bulbs. It has a small amount of halogen added, hence the name. The special mix creates a very powerful and intense light that illuminates the surrounding environment very effectively with a constant light.
Despite the powerful light and the fact that the bulb gets very hot, the special mix of gases in the halogen bulb prevents it from burning out, as you often see with old-fashioned incandescent bulbs that have become too hot. This means that the brightness does not change over time and you always have the same bright light.
The colour of a halogen bulb is perceived as warm white - white light with a slight hint of yellow or orange. This means that the light from the halogen bulb gives a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, the light is very colourfast and to prevent discolouration, most halogen bulbs have a special built-in UV filter so that the objects illuminated by the halogen bulb retain their natural colour.
This has made halogen bulbs suitable for spot lighting and they are widely used to illuminate shop windows and display areas. Many museums and galleries also swear by halogen spotlights because they are easy to stow away and provide a very bright and colourfast light.

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