12V ledstrips

With 12v LED strips, you can fit light anywhere. As long as there's room in the width, there's enough space to put up a LED strip. At the same time, the flexible strip makes it possible to install lights on curved and other surfaces where you would otherwise never have the opportunity to install lighting.
12v ledstrips are available in many different brightness levels and colours. So it's always possible to find exactly the LED strip that suits the lighting you need. They use a transformer, but that can easily be stored away. It's also possible to get the transformer with an infrared remote control, so you can turn on your LED strips without having to go to a hard-to-reach switch.
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Examples of use of 12v ledstrips

LED strips are, in short, perfect for creating light where there is no space for a traditional lamp socket. As long as there is enough width to put up a LED strip, you can have light. This allows for effective and practical lighting in places where you might otherwise go without.
You can also use LED strips as dimmed cosy lighting in the living room along the skirting board or night lighting in, for example, a hallway or on a staircase. Use them, for example, to mark the edge of steps so that it is always safe to walk on the stairs.
LED strips also provide a more pleasant and less focused light than a spotlight. Therefore, LED strips can also be the solution in places where a spotlight would be too impractical or get too hot.

The ideal solution for kitchen table lighting

You can also use 12v LED strips under the kitchen counter. They can withstand cleaning with a damp tea towel, but are also available in waterproof models that can withstand direct contact with water and other liquids.
Unlike the CFL-based under-cabinet lights that have become popular as replacements for the old-fashioned halogen spotlights, LED strips turn on instantly and don't change luminous flux (lm) or the colour of the light over time.
If you want to protect your LED strips from grease splashes or splashes of hot liquids from the pots on the stove, you can usefully purchase LED rails to mount the LED strips in. They have a protected transparent plastic cover that protects against splashes and is easy to clean.

Effective outdoor lighting

It is also possible to mount waterproof LED strips outdoors - possibly in a LED rail. Here they can be used all year round because they are not temperature sensitive. This means that they don't stop lighting up just because we get below freezing, as happens with an energy-saving light bulb.

Save big with LED strips

Switching to LED strips in places in the house where you previously used halogen spots or other lighting solutions will also save you a lot of money on your electricity bill. In general, you can save up to 70% on energy consumption compared to a traditional incandescent bulb.
At the same time, the lifetime of LED strips is many times longer. The strips you put up today will only need replacing in 5 to 10 years, depending on how much they are used. So here too there is a significant saving to be made.