12V RGB ledstrips

Beautiful and colourful 12v RGB LED -strips to decorate your party, get your garden ready for Christmas or give extra attention to your shop, stall or exhibition stand. In our beautiful range of LED strips you will find both those that glow in mixtures of RGB, Red Green and Blue, and those that emit a pleasant, warm white light. Several of our products can do both, so you can turn the colours up or down whenever you like. 12v RGB LED -strips are controlled by a controller or remote, making it easy to set the colour and intensity of the light.

Light in colour with 12v RGB ledstrips

Move into a world of colour when you switch on your 12v RGB LED strips either indoors or outdoors. In our great selection, you'll find strips that are extremely durable. They can withstand being bent and being exposed to high vibrations, like when you decorate a DJ cart or party bar with them.

Several of the strips you'll find on our site come with smart and handy tape on the back, making mounting easy and accessible on most surfaces. You can mix and match the gorgeous colours your LED strips give off as you please. In fact, you can easily control the intensity and colour with a controller, allowing you to create the most atmospheric room in colour.

If you want to go extra hi-tech, you can find a smart home controller that, in addition to controlling your 12v RGB LED strips, is also compatible with Google Home, Alexa and smartphones. Of course, we've made sure to include cables, transformers and power supplies in our selection so you can easily find what you need. So you can get started decorating beautifully with 12v RGB LED -strips.