24V ledstrips

24v ledstrips - At we carry a range of 24 volt strips that can provide good, powerful lighting in places where light sources are not normally available. This can be in places where there is not enough width to set up a traditional lamp stand or on curved surfaces that are desired to be highlighted with edge lighting. LED strips require a 24 volt power supply and are available in a variety of color temperatures. They can be used as the sole light source in place of fluorescent tubes, for example, or as navigation or led lights in walkways, retail spaces, or as edge lighting in the parking lot or driveway outside. The latter application, however, requires that the chosen strips are waterproof. LEDproff LED
24v LED

Save big with 24v LED strips

LED lights use significantly less power than traditional bulbs, CFLs and fluorescent tubes. Savings can easily be as high as 75%, depending on which light source you switch to LED strips from.
At the same time, LED strips have a much longer life than other light sources. Where a fluorescent lamp, for example, can usually only last for 12,000 hours, you can get LED strips with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. This means that where a good quality fluorescent lamp can provide light at the workplace for about 4 years, it will be just about 17 years before you need to replace the LED strips you put up instead. In that same time, you should have changed the fluorescent bulbs 4 times. The figures are based on a daily burning time of 8 hours.
So you'll save on both electricity bills and material consumption by switching to LED lighting.

Choose the right colour temperature

In general, you can get 24v LED strips in two different colour shades: cool or warm white. The colour shade is also expressed by a kelvin value, which indicates the LED light's colour temperature. The closer to 0 this number is, the warmer the colour of the light and the closer to 10,000, the colder the light feels.
A warm colour temperature or shade is good in rooms where you, your family or your employees will be staying for long periods of time. It provides better comfort and seems more pleasant and cosy than a cold colour temperature.
The cold colour temperature is ideal for exhibition use, where it is important that the goods are illuminated with a more neutral light. Therefore, 24v LED strips in cold white are a great solution for display windows. This also allows you to get rid of the large, powerful and very electricity-consuming spotlights you use today and at the same time gives you more new and exciting ways to create lighting in your display windows.
Optionally, you can protect your LED strips with LED rails or LED aluminium profiles. This protects your 24v LED strips from direct contact with water, hot or greasy liquids or acid splashes.