LED Bulbs & Spotlights

LED bulbs are the lighting of the future. They use virtually no power compared to traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs, provide a significantly better and more stable light and can last for up to 10-15 years. So it makes sense to switch to LED bulbs today!

The incandescent bulb has been shining for us for over a hundred years! So now it's time for it to be retired. We can do so with a clear conscience, because with the LED bulb we have a worthy successor that

  • uses significantly less power than both the old incandescent bulbs and the transitional halogen bulbs
  • provides a better and more stable light that does not flicker and
  • can burn for up to 50,000 hours!

e27 LED bulb e14 led bulb g4 LED bulb g9 LED bulb GU4 led bulb

Save up to 85% on your electricity bill

LED bulbs have a significantly lower energy consumption than both traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. This means you can save up to 85% on your electricity bill by switching to LED bulbs, and they don't get nearly as hot as traditional light sources.

The longer a bulb is on each day, the bigger the savings from switching to LED. So if you're starting somewhere by switching to LED bulbs, switch in the bulbs that burn the longest each day. You'll soon notice it on your electricity bill.

Get rid of flickering, flashing and colour changing

LED Light bulbs also shine more consistently and steadily than both incandescent bulbs and perhaps especially fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are known for their flickering light - not just when you turn it on, but also while it's burning.

By switching to LED bulbs, you get a light source that shines perfectly evenly as soon as it's switched on. The light also doesn't change colour, as you'd expect from CFLs.

At the same time, they are available in different colour tones to suit different lighting applications. We will come back to this later in the article.

No need to change bulbs and tubes in a hurry

In general, the lifetime of the different LED bulbs ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. The majority of the LED bulbs we sell today have lifetimes of over 30,000 hours and a lifetime of 50,000 hours is becoming more common on the newer models. With normal use for 8 hours every day, this equates to the LED bulb you buy and install today lasting up to 17 years before it needs replacing! We think that's actually pretty good!

In that time, you'd have to change the light source countless times if you'd chosen a fluorescent, halogen or incandescent bulb instead. If we just assume that an incandescent bulb can last one year, that's the equivalent of 17 incandescent bulbs! The total cost of incandescent bulbs saved exceeds the price of the LED bulb by over 500%!

Can you get LED bulbs for the lamps we use?

LED Bulbs come in a myriad of shapes. Probably the best known are the LED strips, which can be stuck on to create light in places where it would never have been possible to fit a lamp post for traditional bulbs. They are available as 240v, 12v and 24v LED strips. The first type can be plugged directly into the mains, and the last two types require a transformer, which is usually included when you buy LED strips.

But besides the option of LED strips, the good news is that LED bulbs do not require special fittings. In fact, you can get them in varieties to fit all the different socket types available. So whether you need a replacement for fluorescent, GU10 bulbs, industrial fixtures or halogen bulbs, you can get a LED bulb to match.

This means that the cost of switching to LED bulbs only includes the light source itself - the existing socket or luminaire can be reused!

Home lighting

For standard sockets, you can get LED bulbs with both E27 and E14 socket just to put in the lamp post, lamp or chandelier. If you have a newer lamp with GU10 socket, which is traditionally used for halogen spots, you can also get versions of the bulbs for this.

Another popular replacement is recessed spotlights. These are traditionally fitted with halogen bulbs that heat up so much that blackening damage or even fire can occur if the necessary safety distance or shielding of the recessed spot is not established. With a LED recessed spotlight, this problem does not arise in the same way, as the bulb in the recessed spotlight does not get nearly as hot as the halogen bulbs.

led pærer i hjemmet

LED bulbs for commercial use

It also applies if you have a fluorescent fixture. Here you can buy either a LED fluorescent tube or a T8 LED fluorescent tube instead, depending on which base, is used in the luminaire.

For shops, special LED shop lighting is available. Here it is important to choose a colour temperature of the LED bulbs in the lighting that is as high as possible. This is a really important detail. It ensures the most colourfast display of goods possible.

For production halls and construction sites, traditional fluorescent luminaires and halogen spotlights can be replaced by LED industrial luminaires and LED panels. They provide a more constant and flicker-free illumination of the work area.

So whatever lighting you use today, a replacement is available with LED technology.

Don't LED bulbs cost more than ordinary light sources?

The price of a LED bulb is usually slightly higher than the traditional light sources it is replacing. But the extra cost is quickly recouped in savings on electricity bills and bulb life alone.

As already mentioned, you'll save around 85% on your electricity bill by switching to LED bulbs. So if you were using a 40 W incandescent bulb, you can now make do with a 6 W LED bulb! That means you'll save a whopping 34 W on your electricity bill from the moment you switch on the bulb for the first time! That can quickly pay for itself.

Similarly, we've also previously looked at how many incandescent bulbs you don't have to change because the LED bulb has a significantly longer life. That saving alone makes the price difference between a regular incandescent bulb and a modern LED bulb seem like a trifle.

So even though the LED bulb is a bit more expensive to buy, the total saving over the life of the bulb adds up to many, many dollars.

How to choose the right LED bulb

So LED bulbs have a lot of advantages and can replace all kinds of light sources, even the more specialised types typically used in workplace and office lighting. At the same time, special LED-based light sources are available that have unique properties and can be used in places where it is not normally possible to place light sources with traditional luminaires and bases.

Although it is easy to choose a bulb according to the type of luminaire you have today, there are a number of new parameters and options you should be aware of when choosing the right LED replacement for your current light sources or wanting to take advantage of some of the new possibilities that LED bulbs offer in everyday life. One of the main differences is colour temperature, which can have a big impact on both picky children at home and customers' impressions of the products you sell in your shop.

That's why we've put together a guide based on the most common use situations, both at home and at work.

For the home

In the home, in addition to saving electricity, LED bulbs can create new and better working conditions in the kitchen, eliminate glare in the bathroom and create the right mood in the living room, bedroom and other places where you need to be able to adjust the lighting.

For the kitchen

In the kitchen, you can create significantly better task lighting above the countertop while retiring those hot halogen spots or flickering CFL halogen replacements.

If you have overhead cabinets, it's easy to replace the halogen lighting under the overhead cabinets with a LED strip. If you like, mount it in an aluminium profile, available with a practical cover, which can protect the LED strip from splashes and splashes from food and hot liquids.

Choose the right colour temperature for LED lighting

In the kitchen, it is particularly important to choose the right colour temperature for the LED lighting. Colour temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin and typically ranges from around 2500 to 7000 Kelvin. The lower the colour temperature, the warmer and more reddish the light appears and the higher the colour temperature, the colder and whiter it appears.

Whereas incandescent and halogen bulbs usually have a low colour temperature and thus a more reddish glow that discolours food, you should instead choose a LED replacement with a high colour temperature and thus a more "cold", white colour.

The brighter white light will not discolour the food and will therefore ensure that you detect mould spores and other discolourations that may indicate that the ingredients you are processing may not be as fresh and healthy as you expected.

The right colour temperature can remedy fussiness

If you also choose cool, white LED lighting with a high Kelvin temperature for the dining table in your kitchen or living room, you can curb some of the resistance that picky eaters often have to food. Traditional dim lighting over the dining table, in the form of incandescent or halogen bulbs, tends to give food an overly reddish and therefore more unnatural hue. As we also eat with our eyes, the discolouration can contribute to the distrust of food that discerning people always have.

With cooler, neutral lighting, the discolouration is removed and trials with fussy children have shown that it tends to make more new foods slide down because they are the same colour as they are in normal daylight. The light may not seem as cosy, but you save the many and usually tough fights with the kids over trying new dishes or new foods.

For the bathroom

For the bathroom, LED replacements are available for the recessed spotlights traditionally chosen for, say, shower cubicles, as overhead lights above the bathroom mirror and so on. One of the main advantages - besides lower energy consumption - of switching to LED instead of halogen spots is that the bulbs do not get nearly as hot as halogen bulbs, and therefore do not need the same safety clearance and shielding from overhead insulation and other materials as would otherwise be necessary.

This opens up the possibility of installing recessed spotlights in places where there would traditionally not be enough space or where there could be a risk of burns.

At the same time, you can also install, for example, LED strips, creating new lighting options that give you a better view when, for example, applying make-up at the bathroom mirror. If you put a row of LED strips around the edge of the bathroom mirror, you will get the same good working light for make-up as with a professional make-up mirror.

LED The strips illuminate your face in front of the mirror, so you can clearly see what you're doing and where to apply make-up. Compared to the ordinary light bulbs that often surround the regular makeup mirror, the LED strips don't glare nearly as much.

LED Strips or LED recessed spotlights can also be used to divide the lighting in the bathroom into an orientation light, which can be used when going to the toilet for example, and a "work light", which can be used when washing and grooming or applying make-up. For the toilet, you can usually get by with an overhead light in the ceiling, where grooming and make-up require a little more light to see by.

LED light bulbs for the living room

In the living room, you will traditionally need to create zones of different lighting, depending on whether the lighting is for cosiness or for working. The good news is that with LED bulbs you can switch between the different lighting options in the same zone, giving you more freedom. At the same time, you get even more options for creating a cosy atmosphere - we'll come back to that in a moment.

Usually, an orientation light is needed in the living room when you just need to walk through it. This is usually done with a ceiling lamp or two or some recessed spotlights that can also act as cosy lighting. In both cases, you can change the light source to LED bulbs and save a lot of money on electricity consumption.

You can also replace the existing lighting with LED strips in the ceiling over the most common passageways in the living room. This provides much more even lighting and also indicates the straight path through the living room.

Make sure you check whether the LED bulbs can be dimmed

Above the dining table, it's a good idea to have lighting that can be used for both a cosy meal with guests and for when you need to work at home, help with the kids' homework or you need brighter lighting above the dining table for other reasons.

That's why many people have already opted for a dimmable lighting solution. This allows the light in the chandelier above the dining table to be dimmed down completely when candles are needed to emphasise the cosiness of the table, and can be made bright so that you can see to set the table or use the dining table for other purposes.

Existing light sources can be replaced with dimmable versions. However, not all LED bulbs can be used with a traditional dimmer. It is therefore important to make sure that the LED bulbs you buy for dimmable lamps actually support it. This is clearly stated on all our products.

Conversely, you can also buy LED bulbs that can be dimmed using a remote control or where it is possible to change the colour (not colour temperature) of the light. While the former can be quite useful in everyday life and add a new and perhaps missed feature to your dining table or other lighting, the ability to change the colour of the light is probably mostly used for fun for example. theme parties or other special occasions.

Avoid annoying light reflections on your TV

For lighting above the sofa arrangement, you have the same options as above the dining table. Again, it may be useful to add a dimming function to the light sources above the coffee table and around the sofa, if it is not already installed in the electrical wiring.

At the same time, alternative uses of, for example, LED strips can provide new lighting options that do not, for example, annoy when you are watching TV. For example, put LED strips behind the flat screen to light up the wall behind the TV. This way, even if you have turned off or dimmed all other lights around the sofa group, it won't be nearly as tiring to look at the screen. Also consider installing LED recessed spotlights or a dimmable LED strip in the ceiling above the sofa. This will provide light over the sofa arrangement without creating problems with reflections in the flat screen.

Read without breaking a sweat

For reading light on your sofa or easy chair, you can now get LED-based floor lamps or replace existing halogen bulbs with LED-replacements that don't produce nearly the same heat and also provide a much better and completely flicker-free light for reading.

So with LED bulbs in the floor lamp and in any separate reading spotlight, you avoid sitting and squinting or getting hot in the head from the heat of the lamp while reading your favourite book.

For the bedroom

For the bedroom, you can of course switch to LED bulbs in both ceiling and bedside lamps. This provides an immediate saving on your electricity bill, but also allows you to add options such as dimming the lights if this is not already available in your current electrical installation.

You can also install LED strips above the headboard or along the underside of the bed. This can create a different and more cosy lighting in the bedroom and is probably more pleasant to turn your eyes to if you wake up in the night and need to turn the light on.

LED Strips can also be used for the large mirror that many people have hanging on the wall or sitting on the wardrobe when they just need to check their clothes, or to transform a traditional mirror into a professional make-up mirror, as we have already described in the section on LED light bulbs in the bedroom.

Light creates moods

We've already mentioned the options for buying LED bulbs and strips with built-in dimming and colour-changing functions. Both can create atmospheric lighting in places where, for example, it was not possible to dim the lights before.

LED strips with colour changing can also be used to create effective lighting in, for example, your bookcase, entrance hall or doorway between two rooms en suite. They can also be used for cosy lighting in the bedroom or be a great joy in the children's room.

Most LED strips with colour change also usually have different transition effects, so you can set them to change colour according to a defined pattern and varying speed from the disco fast to the more subtle and surprising.

For festive occasions, many programmable LED strips also have running lights and other lighting effects built in. It's even possible to get a special "party disk" with a built-in microphone that can change color and rhythm like an old-fashioned light show. It can add extra colour to a party, New Year's Eve or whenever you need a little extra sparkle in your everyday life.

LED bulbs for driveway and garden lighting

For driveway or garden lighting, you can get a variety of solutions. First of all, you can replace existing light sources with LED bulbs and save on electricity bills, but you also have the option to take advantage of some of the special features built into many LED solutions.

One of the biggest advantages of using LED outdoors is that they are not nearly as temperature sensitive as the old-fashioned energy-saving bulbs that stopped working as soon as we approached freezing point. It sucked coming home to a dark night when the frost had made the driveway slippery and you had to safely enter the house.

At the same time, the bulbs don't get nearly as hot as traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. LED This means that you can place lighting much closer to, for example, plantings in the garden, creating new and exciting lighting effects in the garden or install _COPY lights in places where, for example, it was not possible to install recessed spotlights with halogen bulbs because it was not possible to get a large enough safety distance from insulation and flammable materials.

A particularly effective lighting solution is the special LED recessed spotlights that can be installed in the paving of the driveway or in garden walkways and other tiled areas. The buried spots can also be used as effective lighting in beds and as lighting of the house facade.

Other outdoor lighting with LED bulbs

The traditional halogen floodlight most often used to illuminate large areas, riding arenas and halls is now available as LED floodlights, which can shine just as brightly and last significantly longer than the halogen bulb in old-fashioned floodlights.

As a special feature, LED floodlights are available with remote colour change. This can be used, for example, to create effective lighting for the house, allowing you to give it different colours or have it change colour using one of the built-in colour sequences. Use it on festive occasions or for special holidays such as Christmas and New Year. It's sure to attract attention in the neighbourhood.

LEDOf course, projectors are also available with a built-in motion sensor, so they only switch on when someone is moving around the area. It is also possible to get LED bulbs with a built-in motion sensor that can be installed in places where this function is currently not available. Finally, you can also buy separate outdoor and indoor motion sensors at LEDproff. This saves you having to shop around to get your optimal lighting solution.

LED bulbs for professional use

For professional use, you can of course always replace existing light sources with the cheaper LED versions and thus cut down on lighting costs in your company. But beyond that, LED bulbs give you a range of new, smart options not available with traditional light sources.

For the office

For the office, light sources in ceiling lights, desk lamps and other office lighting can be replaced with LED bulbs in the same way as at home.

You also have the option of using LED strips and buying special LED luminaires instead of old-fashioned fluorescent tubes. They take up considerably less space and can therefore be installed in places where it was previously difficult to fit lamp sockets or luminaires.

At the same time, you avoid annoying flashes and colour changes in the lighting, as can often be the case with fluorescent lamps. LED bulbs shine completely constantly and steadily from the moment they are switched on until you switch them off again. You also avoid the annoying flashing when the fluorescent tubes are about to break.

LED grow lights

Special LED grow lamps are available for office planting. Because of the very low or almost non-existent heat generation from these grow lamps, they can be placed much closer to the plants.

This makes it possible to create planted areas in dark parts of the office, reception or production, where there was previously no space to do so because there was not enough distance between the grow lamp and the planting. No one is saying that the lamps have to be positioned above the plants. With LED grow lights can also be mounted on the wall behind the planting.

To the shop

If you have a shop, you're obviously interested in making sure that all your products look their best to customers. However, with traditional shop lighting such as halogen spots, fluorescent tubes and old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, you have the problem that the light sources usually discolour the goods.

This is critical in clothing stores, for example, where many customers are drawn to a particular colour of clothing. If they come home and find that the clothes are a completely different colour to what they were in the shop, they have a bad shopping experience.

With LED bulbs, you can overcome this problem by choosing a more neutral shade for your lighting. Because where traditional light sources usually work at relatively low colour temperatures, giving a more reddish or yellowish light, it is possible to get LED bulbs with higher and therefore more bright white colour tones that do not discolour the goods on display.

This ensures that your products always look their best. At the same time, you can also place the lighting closer to the goods, as LED bulbs do not give off the same amount of heat as traditional light sources. For example, use LED strips along the bottom edge of shelves to create effective lighting, or see the many options our special LED lighting systems offer for decorating your store with the optimum lighting solution.

For shops, bars and restaurants it is also possible to buy a special LED illuminated sign, where you can write the text directly on the sign with a special marker pen, available in different colours. This makes it possible to produce "handwritten illuminated signs" with good offers that light up on their own. Effective for the window or for the wall.

For production and stock

Proper lighting in production and in the warehouse can help prevent accidents at work and detect defects or damage to the products you sell for a living. You can avoid everything from sick leave to compensation claims and reduce the number of returns due to damage, defects or deficiencies that were missed because of lack of or incorrect lighting.

Again, the ability to have lighting that does not discolour products and that can be placed in locations where it was previously impossible to get proper lighting is the main benefit.

LED Panels, LED strips and luminaires take up no space, generate no significant heat and can therefore be installed where light is needed, as well as being placed much closer to the items being produced or handled in production or in the warehouse, without you having to worry about heat damage or ignition.

For craftsmen and construction sites

As a tradesman, you need light where you need to work. Often, lighting is needed in tight spaces or in places where the nearest power outlet is far away.

This is difficult with traditional light sources such as incandescent and halogen bulbs. Partly because they require considerably more power and partly because they generate much more heat than LED bulbs, which, because of their up to 85% lower wattage, rarely generate much heat.

For use in places where space is limited or power is not readily available, it is possible to purchase LED lamps that can provide up to 4000 lumens of light. That's as bright as some of the most powerful floodlights for power.

For construction sites, lighting can easily be set up in the form of LED panels, fixtures and floodlights that provide significantly more colorfast light and just as powerful as halogen floodlights. At the same time, there is no need to worry about location or proximity to flammable materials. They can be placed where light is needed.

For mounting on vehicles and barrier equipment, you have the option to purchase special LED warning lights. Because of the significantly lower power consumption, you can always be sure that battery-powered barriers have enough power to run all night long. This saves you having to pull out wires for the barrier.

You can also buy complete flash kits for the most common commercial vehicle models, which give you a roof light bar and extra warning lights along the sides of the vehicle in one package - ready to screw on.

There's always a solution with LED bulbs

LED bulbs are the future and you can always find a lighting solution that uses the energy efficient LED bulbs. The lifetime, the lower power consumption, as well as the flexibility and the many new possibilities that LED bulbs offer, are reason enough to switch to LED bulbs today.

Explore here at LEDproff.dk. We are sure to have the LED bulbs you need!