LED Sensors

See our range of LED sensors for practical and energy-saving lighting control both indoors and outdoors. With a LED sensor, you can easily make sure the light comes on when you need it, so when you approach the house in the dark or walk through the basement, it lights up. With a LED sensor, the light turns itself off, so you don't have to remember to turn it off. In this way, sensor-controlled lighting ensures that you don't waste energy and lose money unnecessarily by having lights burning in rooms that are not being used.

Smart and practical LED sensors

LED-sensors that respond to movement are installed either outdoors or indoors in an area where the sensor can detect movement. Most sensors in our range have a detection range of 180 degrees and can detect movement from around 12 metres from their location. This means that you can place the LED sensor outside above the front door or on the wall, so you can easily find your way when it's dark.

In addition to the classic LED sensors, which detect movement either outdoors or indoors, we can also offer a smart and energy-saving dusk-to-dawn relay. It turns the lights on when darkness falls. Dimmer relays are popular for residential use for several reasons. Firstly, it's nice to have light out in the dark when you get home, so you can easily find your way to your front door. But it's also handy to have automatic lights when you're not at home, because then any burglars can't see that you're not there, and they'll be more hesitant to break into your house. Different LED sensors cover different needs, and we've included a range of mini-sensors in our selection for smaller rooms and areas.