LED bulb B22

Here you see our fine selection of B22 LED bulbs for everyday and party. A B22 LED bulb fits perfectly into a B22-base, which is a relatively common type base in Denmark. We have a wealth of beautiful bulbs to choose from. You can choose from stylish and elegant crown bulbs with carbon filament or coloured bulbs in many beautiful and bright colours, and you can also get bulbs in special designs that provide a beam angle of light of up to 360 degrees. All in all, B22 LED bulbs are a versatile type of bulb that you can enjoy in many contexts.

B22 LED bulbs in different designs

What makes the now market-leading LED technology so special is its ability to combine very low energy consumption, extremely long bulb life and a beautiful, stable and intense light. In our range you can find exactly the B22 LED bulb you are looking for. Whether it's a classic neutral white, an intense fun blue or a warm golden tone.

At LEDproff we've also chosen to include B22 LED bulbs in a variety of designs, so you can find the bulb that suits your personal style or perhaps a lamp you already have. In addition to the classic round bulbs, you will also find a beautiful candle bulb suitable for narrower lamps, which can be very elegant on its own, perhaps in a pendant lamp, wall lamp, in the lamp above the dining table. If the light needs to be a little more concentrated with less beam angle than usual, a B22 LED bulb with a shade may be an advantage. The cap covers the bottom of the bulb, limiting the spread of light to 200 degrees for a more concentrated light while maintaining the same intensity. Find your new LED bulb here with us to light up your home.